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Backwater Valve Repair & Installation in Calgary

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Backwater Valve Repair & Installation

Access to clean water is one of the biggest benefits of modern society, and when something happens to cause sewage and other contaminants to enter your household water supply, it can be terribly unsettling. At BPR Mechanical, we provide high-quality service, including backwater valve repair and installation to the residents of Calgary and its surrounding areas.

How a Backwater Valve Works

A backwater valve is installed into your homes pipelines, this helps prevent dangerous situation inside your home during rains. Sewage water can come back up into your home, and there comes the backwater valve it stops this from happening. One of our plumbers will come and install the backwater vale to the mainline of your wastewater line, this allows the valve to stop the water that comes back during heavy rain falls.

Why do you need a Backwater Valve Installed?

If you live in low levelled or flood hazard areas then it is important to get this installed in your pipelines. You also need this if you live near the municipal sewer system.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing BPR Mechanical for all your plumbing needs provides several benefits, including:

  • Affordable Rates
  • We know how valuable your time is
  • We know how valuable cleanliness is important to our clients
  • Our vehicles are always fully stocked with the things that you may need
  • Guaranteed and Fast Service