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Building Trap / Running Trap Replacement in Calgary

BPR mechanical

Building Trap / Running Trap Replacement

There were serious flooding problems back in the early 1960’s that the sanitary building and housing codes had to be changed in order to reduce damage. Usually tree roots find their ways into the traps and start to spread and grow more which leads to more problems like blockage, running backups, and cracks in the pipes of the sewer systems. With old building traps, it makes it so hard to clean and fix the pipes or even inspect them.

We don’t notice the existence of a building trap when everything is going well with our sewer systems, usually a building trap is located close to the wall and sometimes it is on either outside or inside your house.

There are more reasons why you should remove building traps from your house, and you should also choose someone that has over 4 decades of experience in doing this, BPR Mechanicals can conduct a removal and replace it with a 2-way cleanout. We will use our CCTV camera inspection and if necessary and we will also use the snaking method to clean them.