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Sump Pump Services in Calgary

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Sump Pump Services

Is there water in your basement? We know how hard it is to get that water out of your basement. Also, sometimes there is a leak in your basement that causes major nuisance. You need to install a proper Sump Pump in your basement to get rid of water or plan your installation before water coming in your basement or home. BPR Mechanical provides installation, maintenance and repair of sump pumps. We are providing plumbing repair and maintained services. We provide Sump Pumps at affordable prices. Also our repair and maintenance services are affordable with excellent customer services. Call BPR Mechanical for outstanding facilities.

Understanding How a Sump Pump Works

The main function of a Sump Pump is to pump the water out of the pit and make your basement or crawlspace dry. Its main function is to drain water that came from heavy rain or leakages. Similarly, in winters there is lot of snow and when the snow melts, the water goes to Sump pits and the Sump Pump turn on automatically.

A sump pump is a simple device that pumps water out of a pit placed below the water grade in your home. This pit is dug usually in the base of the water grade or as the end point of drains installed in or around your basement. When it rains or snow starts to melt, water fills the pit and the sump pump automatically turns on. Some sump pumps are submersible and turn on when a float detects water rising around the device. Others are elevated and have a switch on them that detects the water rising in the pit below.

When the sump pump turns on, the system starts to remove water from the pit, pumping it into a drain pipe that is connected to your sewer line or simply piped outside away from your home. This process effectively removes water beneath your home before it can cause damage.

Choosing the Right Sump Pump for Your Home

Once you decide that a sump pump is a good investment for your home, you need to select a system that will effectively remove water from your home under any conditions. We can help you select the right sized sump pump and then install it for you so it works properly when you need it to. We also offer sump pump maintenance and repair services to keep the system working properly.

Because a sump pump is often submerged in water, it should be inspected and tested once a year to ensure it still operates. This process can be performed during standard maintenance on the rest of your home’s plumbing system or as a standalone service before rain and snow set in in the fall.