Water Filter Installation

Improve Health with a Water Filtration System

Ditch bottled water and avoid health risks! Call us now and schedule a free water test.

Remove Contaminants

Our filtering systems reduce the number of chemicals, debris, bacteria, viruses, etc., from the water.

Healthier Food

The removal of chlorine and contaminants from the water makes the food tastier and healthier.

Reduce Plastic Waste

You need not buy bottled water anymore.

Fresh and Clean Water for Every Home

Tap water is usually the most accessible source of water. However, it contains minerals and other contaminants that are unsafe for health.

BPR Mechanical helps perform a comprehensive water test to identify hidden chemicals in your water.
Our water filtering system provides purified drinking and offers effective solutions as well as benefits.

Customers about us

I have been using BPR Mechanical for long time, could not be happier. Always on time and cost effective services.


I called them for a problem and to my surprise they showed up within an hour and fixed in no time.


Thank you so much BPR Mechanical for unclogging my kitchen sink. I am really grateful to you. You helped me get rid of that mess.