Water Softener Installation

Protect your Home from Hard Water

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Proper Guidance

The mission of BPR Mechanical is that your office or home is supplied with clean and healthy water. Our technicians provide appropriate installations, maintenance and plumbing services to prevent cross-connection hazards.

Lifespan of Appliances

We install a water softener adhering to the plumbing codes. It prevents hard water stains and increases the life of your appliances.

Affordable Prices

Before starting the job, we provide estimates. It helps you make informed decisions, and rest assured that You will pay an affordable price for your services.

Route your Water Supply Through Water Softener

Water softeners work seamlessly with appliances and plumbing systems. They prevent the building of calcium, rust stains and other issues in pipes and appliances by removing the minerals through the process of ion exchange. Thus, a water softener allows cleaning of the house easier and makes the water better. Additionally, it also prolongs the life of water-based appliances.

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